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No Contract Lawn Service

You choose:
On-Call Service, 7-Day Service, or 14-Day Service. Turn your service on and off as you like.

The Most Popular Services:

1. Cut, Edge, and Blow: (On Your Schedule!) Our Most Popular Service.

If you are having a special event, contacts us and we can usually come out within 48 hours if you are in our service area.

2. Weed Beds
3. Prune Bushes
4. Pine Straw and Mulch
5. Full Service

6. One-Time Yard Cleanups
7. Seasonal Color Display
8. Junk Removal


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The most common request is for a cut, edge, and blow. Other popular requests include weeding, pruning, pine straw, or mulch. Just let us know what you need.

Contact us as needed or choose a 7 or 14-day schedule. Turn service on and off at your convenience!


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About Us

Grass Clips has provided landscape maintenance and management since 1993. We are a small locally owned and operated company. Grass Clips' mission and commitment is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction while providing the customer with superior value—reasonable cost, dependable services, and quality work.